Countdown to Tails' 25th Anniversary

Only two weeks now!
Post #15 by NoWay?NoWay! (UID:ODYuMTkxLj) Time: 2012-10-01T02:29:08+1000
It has been 20 years already? Wow time sure flies high when you have Tails arounds doesn't it :)?

Also, make sure to check out Fur's GOCB Project!

May there be many more years with Tails around! ;)
Post #14 by Saberclaws (UID:ODkuMTU0Lj) Time: 2012-10-01T02:11:26+1000
Post #13 by Anonymous (UID:MTA4LjU3Lj) Time: 2012-09-27T18:33:45+1000
yay tails 20!
Post #12 by tails (UID:NzIuMTk1Lj) Time: 2012-09-20T11:51:52+1000
Wow this little guys now older than me
Post #11 by Reborn (UID:ODIuMjEuND) Time: 2012-09-20T08:40:56+1000
I'm working on a cute piece of Tails fan art to mark his 20th, will be posted on deviant art, Tails Paradise, and the SEGA forum closer to the time!
Post #10 by NoWay?NoWay! (UID:ODYuMTkxLj) Time: 2012-09-18T01:10:02+1000
Hello fellow Tails fans! XD Keep flying high and reaching the highest heavens! Happy 20th!
Post #9 by FourCartridge (UID:MTc0LjU4Lj) Time: 2012-09-15T16:58:22+1000
Out of all of the Sonic characters besides Sonic himself I love Tails this site is awesome for giving Tails the love he deserves whoever made this site you are awesome for this !
Post #8 by Edwin Shy (UID:NTAuMTAuMT) Time: 2012-09-15T15:26:11+1000
I'd say something inspirational and encouraging, but I don't have anything to say like that, so... Can't wait! :D
Post #7 by Mr. Prower (UID:OTcuODYuND) Time: 2012-09-15T04:06:18+1000
This is a seriously cool site. Glad to see Tails getting the appreciation he deserves.

He's been my favorite character of the series ever since I first played Sonic 2. I was only six years old when the game came out in 1992...but as soon as I figured out how to play as just Tails, the rest was history for me. He's still my favorite despite all the changes, character additions and do many changes to all the games.
Post #6 by [ChaosweaveR] (UID:MjQuNDUuMj) Time: 2012-09-10T21:22:06+1000
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